Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Spinach Lasagna Rolls with Italian Sausage

Using the recipe for "Spinach Lasagna Rolls" on (see link below) as a guideline, G and I made a similar version with 1# of italian sausage added in. First, we browned the sausage, and set that aside. Using the same pan with a little EVOO added in, we cooked down a small bag of fresh spinach with some garlic added. Once this and the sausage had cooled, we combined spinach and sausage with 1 egg, 1 handfull of fresh parsley, parmesan and 1 container of low-fat ricotta. The noodles cooked for about 6 minutes, and were patted dry. This recipe took just one full jar of sauce, especially if you put the sauce in the rolls as well as on the bottom and top of the rolls. The layering went as follows: Noodle, Ricotta mixture, sauce, and 6 cheese italian mixture (Gene left this last layer out due to his lactose-intolerance). The recipe also specifies that you should cook until cheese on top of the rolls is melted. This took only 30 minutes, and could definitely have cooked for at least 10 more minutes.

This recipe yielded 4 rolls for leftovers and would make a delicious lunch. *Bonus* The rolls pack up easier than a regular lasagna would.

All around this was a great recipe that I would definitely make again. The sausage gave the dish more gusto, and next time I would add more garlic.

I give this recipe with our revisions 3.5 stars :-)